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spiritual disciplines 1

Hospitality: Helping the Least of These
Scott Lyons

Some people are wired for hospitality. I am not. Like some satisfied old bachelor, I am perfectly content in the solitude of my home. Some people have others in and out of their homes with such terrifying frequency that it makes me break out in cold sweats. I am a creature of routine. I do not like ...

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spiritual disciplines 2

Thanksgiving: The Fruit of Contentment
Scott Lyons

I daydream of being rich. Like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, I often think to myself, “May the Lord smite me with [riches]. And may I never recover.” That is the place I sometimes live—wishing for more, for something other than what I have. Yet I know that this is not what...

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getting started articles

These articles should help you get started in understanding some of your spiritual walk. Take a look at each of the articles to get familiar with spiritual fundamentals.

seed planting
what is formed in spiritual formation
practicing a spiritual discipline
growing a prayer life
loving god: 101
getting started articles

Each series of articles below helps
you take steps in your Christian walk.

Starting Points
Read articles on The Unexpected Gift,
What is God Like, Pointing the Way
and Spiritual Blindness. more

Building Blocks
Build upon your knowledge by reviewing
important subjects such as God, Humanity,
Bible and Sin. more

Making It Real
Turn concept into everyday practice.
Read about Money, Parenting, Work
and Stress. more

Growing Strong
Grow strong in your faith with topics such
as Memorization & Meditation, Prayer &
Fasting, Solitude & Silence ...more


“Using the New Living Translation in sermon preparation helps to generate ‘aha’s! from the congregation. Where there may be obscurity, it can help turn the light on in the hearts and minds of listeners.”

Arthur Jackson
Judson Baptist Church
Oak Park, Illinois

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