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Fasting: Fasting from Lust, Part 1

Sex. It only takes one word to completely grab our attention.
Our associations with sex are legion. We are wired for sex (though not made for it), and through it humankind is propagated. Our entire culture is sexualized. Sex is everywhere and sells everything, even church services. This article is not going to speak about fasting from sex, which is sometimes necessary, but about fasting from lust, which is always ne...

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This past summer, the folks at the head offices of the Oxford English Dictionary added the word FOMO to its storied book of definitions, officially recognizing this newly invented word. The letters are an acronym for “fear of missing out,” a phenomenon that has become exacerbated by the ever-growing social-media universe of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

People who suffer from FOMO have an acute anxiety they are missing ...

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