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Fasting From Lust, Part 3

“It is possible for one who fasts not to be rewarded for his fasting. How? When indeed we abstain from foods, but do not abstain from iniquities; when we do not eat meat, but gnaw to pieces the homes of the poor; when we do not become drunkards with wine, but we become drunkards with evil pleasures; when we abstain all the day, but all the night we spend in unchastened shows. Then what is the benefit of abstention from foods, when on t...

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spiritual disciplines 1

Fasting: Fasting from Lust, Part 2

Does fasting from lust mean that you will no longer give in to it? In many ways, lust is no different from sins such as gluttony when it comes to fasting. Will fasting allow you to conquer sin to the extent that it will never be a struggle again? No, you will struggle with sin and temptation all your life. 
The first step in fighting lust is understanding it and knowing where your weak spots are. For instance, ...

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